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This is how our consultations work:

Our consultation will begin with a walk through of the areas that you would consider growing in. We will then tell you what your capabilities are to grow cannabis in a given area.

Next we are going to talk about what you already know or don't know about the basics for being a successful grower and we will give you the basic information of what you need to know about growing, setting up a grow room, and most importantly, teaching you how to troubleshoot for the numerous issues that face growers from security to pest control. We'll also tell you all about the common mistakes that beginners make.

Once we agree on your goals and where to grow your medicine, you will need to know what kind of materials will you need like lighting, grow pots, soils, nutrients, fans, etc.: you are going to want to know how much will it cost you to get set up. This is included in our consultation.

The consultation will include an analysis of your electrical needs of your system vs. your existing electrical capabilities. Safety is also a very important part of our consult, as we will show you how to be a smart neighbor and how to keep your new hobby private and successful.

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