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Marijuana Consulting Services

Oregon Horti Green is a homegrown Oregon business specializing in teaching Medical Marijuana patients, growers, and caregivers how to grow their own medical grade cannabis in their own home.

If your local dispensary isn't providing the medicine that best suits your ailment, then perhaps it's time to grow it yourself.  It will save you a ton of money and gardening provides a sense of serenity and relaxing peacefulness that doctors recommend.

Oregon Horti Green can train you to maximize yield and potency, spot, diagnose and repair sickly plants and make the best use of your individual growing space.

We offer one-on-one individualized coaching in the comfort of your own garden with your chosen medical strains.  We primarily teach organic soil-based techniques with minimal environmental impact. 

You must have a current and valid OMMP card to use our consulting services.

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